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    Sieberrsec CTF 5.0 is the 5th edition of our annual Capture-The-Flag competition, hosted by Hwa Chong Infocomm and Robotics Society's Cybersecurity section.

    Catered to Secondary School students, Sieberrsec CTF is one of the leading Singaporean CTFs for both novices and advanced students, with the previous iteration attracting over 350 students.

    With the rising importance of Cybersecurity, this competition aims to introduce basic Cybersecurity concepts through a gamified approach.

    What can you expect?
    In a Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competition, there will be a range of challenges for you to solve. Each challenge will give you a certain amount of points.

    To solve each challenge, you will have to make use of different cybersecurity exploits to find a "flag" (which is a string of the form of sctf{xxx}).

    Try to attain as many points as possible, and compete on the leaderboard.

    There will be a diverse array of challenges from the following categories:

    • Web Exploitation (exploiting vulnerable websites)
    • Forensics (exfiltrating hidden data in files)
    • Binary Exploitation (exploiting low level code)
    • Reverse Engineering (decrypting programmes)
    • Cryptography (cracking encryption systems)
    • Miscellaneous (everything else, including OSINT!)

    First time taking part in a CTF?
    Don't worry, we will provide some resources and guidance prior to the competition! Additionally, our challenges will mainly be geared towards beginners.

    That being said, if you would like a head start:

    • ctf101 is a great place to learn basic concepts
    • picoCTF has a fantastic repository of beginner friendly challenges

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    > Date: 9th March 2024, Saturday

    > Time: 0900 - 2100 (12h)

    > Venue: Online

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    > Eligibilty: Singaporean Secondary School students

    > Team Size: Up to 4 students from the same school

    > Sign up: Via your school

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    > The top 3 teams will have a chance to take part in DSTA's Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp (CDDC)!

    > Additionally, the top 5 teams and first blood winners will be receiving attractive prizes including a 3-in-1 fan, power bank and flashlight, 3-in-1 charging cables, etc.

    > First blood winners are individuals who first solves specific challenges.

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    > HCIRS is a vibrant community of people with a keen interest in information technology, robotics, and the like.

    > Made up of 5 sections - Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Competition Programming, Web/App, and Robotics.