• Hack things. Win prizes.
    9th March 2024 0900 - 2100

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    play@Sieberrsec_CTF_5.0:~$ ./thank_you

    Thank you for playing Sieberrsec CTF 5.0!

    Results can be found here. Congratulations to all winning teams!

    We hope to see you next year!

    ~ Sieberrsec CTF 5.0 Organising Team

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    play@Sieberrsec_CTF_5.0:~$ ./sctf5.0

    > Format: Cybersecurity Capture-The-Flag Competition

    > Date: 9th March 2024, Saturday

    > Time: 0900 - 2100 (12h)

    > Venue: Online

    > Eligibility: Singaporean Secondary School students

    > Stand a chance to participate in the DSTA's CDDC (under Brainhack)

    > For more information, please head here

    [email protected]:~$ ./ctf_summary

    > In Sieberrsec CTF, there will be a range of challenges for you to solve.

    > In each challenge, your goal is to make use of cybersecurity exploits to find a "flag".

    > The more flags you find, the higher the number of points you get.

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    > Brought to you by Hwa Chong Infocomm and Robotics Society (HCIRS)'s Cybersecurity section.

    > Join the Sieberrsec CTF discord!

    > For questions, please open a ticket in the sieberrsec CTF discord server above and ping @admins.

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